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About Us

      A lot has been spoken about virtual reality - both positive and negative. With the advent of such companies and their products as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Zoom, etc. into our lives, we begin to realize the urgent need, as well as the full real opportunity to organize our activities using this progress. It is already obvious that reality has taken on a different character, the boundaries in space and time have become blurred.     

As an example digital home offices, virtual business trips, meetings, conferences. Without leaving the workplace, home and family - we virtually meet, exchange ideas, experiences, solve business issues, expand the circle of communication and outlook.  It is certainly convenient and beneficial both in terms of time and expenses.  We are fully aware that this will affect face-to-face communication, industries such as hospitality, passenger transport, restaurants, business apparel, and others. Can we embrace and develop the digital world in such a way that the drive for innovation does not change our lives beyond recognition?  protect a humanity from being completely immersed in the virtual, digital world?       

Definitely needed!   

After all, the digital transformation of business optimizes our time and expenses, and nothing prevents us to use the freed up time, finances, creativity  to improve the quality of personal life with our family and loved ones!


We are a community of professionals with a common goal - to spread knowledge, innovation through digital transformation tools and conduct a Valuable Information Sharing Environment while saving time for personal creativity.

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